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Quantum dots technology heating liquid crystal OLED win?

The emergence of quantum dots technology to make liquid crystal display technology upgrade and find a new breakthrough point. Since 2014, Samsung, etc. not only LG international companies are to produce television display screen through a quantum dot technology, China's BOE, Huaxing photoelectric and other local manufacturers have also announced the product quantum dot backlighting technology coming into mass production. For a time, quantum dots technology become the focus of attention in the field of liquid crystal display. This is not only because of product differentiation by quantum dots technology can become firm profit point of growth, more importantly, the color saturation is comparable to OLED. If quantum dots technology can overcome the existing development bottleneck, then OLED will once again by the liquid crystal display strong challenge technology.

Manufacturer of a gleam of actively involved in quantum dot technology heating

"Following the 3D, 4K, display high value-added core competition has made clear, that is to expand the scope of the TFT-LCD color performance 'wide color gamut of'." Ouyang Zhongcan China Academy of Sciences told "Chinese electronic newspaper" reporter, "will use optical material quantum dots into the back light and liquid crystal panel, can make the color gamut reaches or exceeds the level of OLED. At the same time, because the polarizer may omit the light source side, quantum dots technology is expected to lower the cost of manufacturing liquid crystal display."

Understand according to the reporter, quantum dot display technology mainly includes quantum dot light emitting diode display technology (QLED) and quantum dot (QD-BLU) backlight technology. Due to the quantum point itself with luminescent properties, quantum dots film (QDEF) in quantum dots will generate red in the blue LED backlight irradiation (R) and green (G), and the same part through the film blue (B) mixed together to obtain white light, so as to enhance the entire LCD backlight luminous effect.

Consulting Group Deputy General Manager Li Yaqin told the "China Electronics News" reporter, with quantum dots technology gradually mature, the global brand of a gleam of firms active in research and development of large size QD LCD TV products. Among them, Samsung Electronics plans to the first quarter of next year production QD LCD TV, provided by SDC Open cell, the first batch of products mainly for 55 inch and 65 inch, and positioning in the ultra high end market. TCL will use the Huaxing photoelectric 55 inch UHD panel and 3M QDEF, the color gamut can reach 105%, the fastest production plan by the end of 2014. LG electronics also has been with QD vision to cooperate in the development of quantum dot backlighting technology. In addition, SONY also has plans to launch more than 55 inch QD LCD TV products.

In actively promoting the international panel manufacturers, the next 5 years quantum dot display technology will continue to heat up. According to NPD DisplaySearch data show that in 2015, quantum dot display in the intelligent mobile phone LCD panel penetration will reach 3%, to 2020 will be increased to 26%; flat computer permeability will be increased to 15% in 2020 from 2% in 2015; in the LCD TV panel in 2015, its permeability will be less than 1%, is expected to rise to 9% by 2020.

China will soon into mass production material is the bottleneck of patent

With the development of quantum dots technology increasingly warming, China's BOE, Huaxing photoelectric, Longteng photoelectric panel manufacturers are beginning to related R & D and production of quantum dot technology. In August this year, the BOE announced the product quantum dot backlighting technology coming into mass production, is expected to be launched at the end of TCL QD LCD TV products.

TCL Group Industry Research Institute deputy chief engineer Zhu Changchang told "Chinese electronic newspaper" reporter: "TCL initial development of quantum dots technology is to cooperate with the American QDVision, now with the domestic research institutions to jointly develop the quantum dot technology. Although technology development prospects of quantum well material, but the basic monopoly in foreign enterprise. Application of quantum dots technology will be better in the TV field, which is the focus of current research and development of TCL."

"Ivo now with the domestic LED manufacturer cooperation, will be the main application of quantum dots in the field of display 19 inch ~27 inch. LED package can make the back light particle number less, the energy consumption reduced by about 25%, in the liquid crystal panel to improve the color saturation at the same time, can achieve the energy saving effect." Ivo associate Cai Zhicheng told the "China Electronics News" interview with reporters, at present the quantum dot film basically monopolized by foreign enterprises, which is the biggest problem encountered in the research and development of the enterprises of our country technology. Applicati. Application of quantum dots technology in TV field still need to solve the production environment, dry humidity and reliability problems.

If the use of quantum dots technology in the production of TV screen, the Chinese manufacturers will face some challenges, the challenges are mainly is that they are hard to obtain quantum point sufficient materials from suppliers. In recent years, though some of the quantum dot display relates to many enterprises, but the present quantum dot display related patents mainly or lies in the hands of the Nanosys company, the company has more than 300 items were related patents, Samsung Electronics is one of the main investors in the company. From a global point of view, the British Nanoco, German Nanosys and America QDVision three quantum dots in quantum dot technology manufacturers showed leading level.

Li Yaqin told the "China electronic newspaper" reporter, because the quantum dot thin film has the characteristics of nano thin film, the particles are very small, in the production process on uniformity of thin film flatness and particles of higher requirements, the production rate is low, resulting in the current QD LCD module cost compared with ordinary LCD module high above 30%. QD LCD TV listed at the beginning of the positioning of large size ultra high end market, the process of market popularity may also require a longer, the future film production yield improvement and LCD backlight structure improvement will be some key factors affecting the decline in the cost of.

To solve the problem of power consumption cost OLED face new challenges

"Compared with the traditional high color gamut technology, quantum dot technology on the one hand can not increase the CF membrane thickness, the LCD color increased 30%, also can effectively improve the LCD color saturation; on the other hand, can also increase the backlight brightness, save energy. Quantum dot technology will effectively solve the traditional method leads to high but low brightness panel color gamut problem, at the same time, high brightness LED chips must increase the number of resulting in energy consumption and increase the cost of the dilemma problem can also be solved. This will no doubt LCD products in the high color gamut and OLED competition to provide the best solution." Li Yaqin said the analysis to the "China Electronics News" reporter.

Despite the large size of OLED is not perfect, but the OLED TV market to the "LCD faction" brought great pressure. Since last year, both the rapid development of surface TV or 4K ultra high-definition television, OLED has played an important role behind to some extent. After surface and 4K TV upsurge, quantum dots technology to take up again the challenge OLED task.

At present, the quantum dot technology manufacturing process is very direct, and can provide higher quality images to cheaper, so that its cost is much cheaper than the OLED. According to one industry analysts expect quantum dots, 55 inch TV price may now than the LCD TV cost 30% to 35%, however, about 5 times the price is LCD TV OLED tv. Cheap may promote more rapid development of quantum dot technology.

Tsinghua University professor Gao Hongjin in accepting the "Chinese electronic newspaper" reporter the interview said: "with respect to the QLED display technology, quantum dot backlight display device is more easily achieved. Time quantum dots technology does not appear the long, did not initially triggered much attention. I think, quantum dots have hope to be able to truly improve the crystal quality, now in development has also encountered some problems, if can overcome the bottleneck, a true market, it will form a challenge to OLED. I to the quantum dots of the future is full of hope."

Can say, quantum dots technology whether do backlight, or directly display, both need to continue to improve, how to improve its productivity, cadmium free, prolong life and other aspects are required the efforts of the parties. The future quantum dot display will have a more outstanding performance, once the technology is mature, will usher in the display industry change a. (Sun Hongling)




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