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    China International Electronic Information Expo
    2017 7-1-3  • BeiJing •  Beijing International Convention Center
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Zhou Zixue: to build a communication platform to promote industrial innovation

In October 25th, China's Electronic Information Industry Association held in Beijing economic operation of electronic information industry and Industry Association released the work of the forum, and released in China in 2014 the first three quarters of the electronic information industry economic operation situation report. During the meeting, association secretary general Zhou Zixue to accept the "China Electronics News" reporter an exclusive interview to electronic information industry development characteristics and trends, resolve facing our industry pressure, how to better promote the healthy development of the industry, the view and the Federation the next step how to service industry and other aspects.

"China Electronics News": although in 2014 our country the first three quarters of the electronic information industry and the economy running smoothly, but the current operation of industry faces the pressure is still outstanding. You can you tell me about the current development of electronic information industry in China faces what pressure?

Zhou Zixue: in the face of the current development of China's electronic information industry pressure on the one hand from the external economic environment and industry competitive environment; on the other hand, the deep-seated contradictions from within the industry. From an external point of view, in China are facing the pressure in the field of high-end and low-end industry field. First, the field of high-end pressure from developed countries, the cumulative innovation more, all aspects of intellectual property rights and technology are relatively strong. After the international financial crisis, the western developed countries to get rid of the plight of the domestic economic growth is lack of power, have implemented the "re industrialization", trying to by virtue of their own in the innovation of science and technology, high-end talent, production efficiency and other advantages to revive manufacturing, to seize the high-end manufacturing market and expand the competitive advantage, bring enormous pressure to our country. Secondly, in the lower end of the field, we have the developing countries or developing similar countries and our offensive. They are resources than we have greater advantage of cheaper labor, relatively lower cost. It can be said that China's electronic information industry in the international market is increasingly faced with double side of developed and developing countries of the extrusion.

From within the industry point of view, one is the ability of independent innovation of China's electronic information industry is insufficient, in "sophisticated" characteristics of the core technologies, products and equipment, external dependence is still high, supporting ability is weak; two is the electronic information manufacturing industry of traditional advantage industry growth is slowing down, the new growth points are but the formation of scale is small, urgent need to great efforts to speed up the cultivation.

"China Electronics News": to enhance our industrial competitiveness is an ongoing topic. So, in the face of the current pressure or resistance, what are your suggestions?

Zhou Zixue: whether the industrial external or internal, in the face of these pressures and resistance, to deal with the most effective method of nothing more than innovation, integration and transformation. Learning general secretary said, to "around the industrial chain, the deployment of innovation chain around the innovation chain perfect capital chain". Can say, innovation chain industrial chain, industrial chain determines the capital chain. The three chain to through, innovation is the prerequisite.

Innovation includes technical innovation, management innovation, system innovation, including innovation of business mode, industry form all aspects of. Innovation in a field will lead to a new ecological, will bring new industry chain. When innovation when a certain technology, products, services appear, innovation will cause the industry chain. Innovation of technology to lead the industry chain, industry chain innovation needs the money to keep up with, therefore, capital chain also needs innovation. In short, we need to talk down the general secretary of the idea of designing the industrial development.

In addition, the need to emphasize is the essence, to enhance our industrial competitiveness is to become bigger and stronger enterprises. Because in competition with the final show is the competition between the industry, especially the advanced industry competition, advanced industry foothold and finally displays the enterprise competition. No more enterprises to participate in international competition, how to embody the national competition? Therefore, enterprises is the most fundamental, we need to have such as Huawei, Lenovo, Alibaba, Tencent enterprises in each sub field, the more the better. The innovation of product innovation, innovation of industry chain, funds chain, enterprises need to integrate resources.

Government support is also very important, the government needs to create a better environment of industry. For instance for capital chain innovation, past industrial subsidy funds are scattered, may now need to consider reform, establishment of industrial investment funds, focus on supporting a group of enterprises bigger and stronger. Another is the innovation investment form, "with the enterprise together", do the shareholders of the enterprise, help the enterprise to integrate various resources. These are in fact the government needs to reform the content.

"China electronic newspaper": you mentioned the industry innovation. We understand that, history of industry development in foreign countries, many innovative technologies and products are bred in the scientific research institutions in universities, and then through the market development successful gradually in the industry to promote the use of. But in our country, this case does not see. How do you think of this phenomenon? How to solve?

Zhou Zixue: for this problem, there is a need to implement the concept -- innovation system with enterprises as the center. The system proposed has been a long time, we should better implement. The scientific research, especially the basic research and science research pure should entirely by the state pay raise up, because it does not have the time and the benefit pursue, is the embodiment of national soft power. But when the achievements in scientific research into technologies, and then into products and services that appear, there is a long way to go, also needs funds chain support, at this point, the enterprise must realize the marketization of the contribution of technology and products.

Before college, quietly doing scientific research, the research achievements in the safe phenomenon, not with the enterprise docking, resulting in a waste of resources. But the enterprise in line, to understand what the market needs, therefore, enterprises need docking in Colleges and universities. In the butt, the university will take the scientific research theory into the enterprise needs technology and products. Such a clear purpose, will be much shorter path.

We hope to have more a competitive enterprises, to integrate more resources. When the enterprise to have the resources and ability, the government can give support funds to enterprises, and guide enterprises to come up with more money, put the resources integration of university. Only in this way can reflect the enterprise as the center of innovation system. In the past this system has not been fully implemented, also need to further implement the future, so that we can solve the problem that you say.

"Chinese electronic newspaper": whether the service enterprise, or building of colleges and enterprises docking platform, intermediary organizations have a play. To build a platform for service enterprises, help enterprises bigger and stronger, but also one of the original intention of the establishment of our federation. United will be the next step how to play a greater role?

Zhou Zixue: service is the fundamental purpose of the union federation, the main role is service. Service government well supported, service enterprise is to help enterprise to enhance competitiveness. Enterprises in the competition is competition content many belong to joint competition, or is the industry chain competition, and the ability of a single enterprise resource integration in the process of growing up is relatively weak. The Federation can put all kinds of resources, for the industry to open up the channels, the advantage of agglomeration of industry resources, better service enterprises.

In addition, the Federation can build bridges between industry and government, making the industry the most urgent need for policies can be introduced as soon as possible, so as to overcome the obstacles in the competition.
In the future, the Federation can play a bigger role in the formation of industry alliance. An enterprise has a strong desire to open up a new field, the Federation will do the bridge and the link, the Scientific Research Institute of human resources, the government's financial resources, the market resources throughout the enterprise. Put some of this thing to do, a big issue in the enterprises as the center of the innovation system, can raise this article do industrial competitiveness.

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