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    China International Electronic Information Expo
    2017 7-1-3  • BeiJing •  Beijing International Convention Center
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    China International Electronic Information Expo
    2017 7-1-3  • BeiJing •  Beijing International Convention Center
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    China International Electronic Information Expo
    2017 7-1-3  • BeiJing •  Beijing International Convention Center
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2015 the fourteenth session of the CEIE Chinese (Beijing) Electronic Information Fair

 The fourteenth session of the Babson. Electric Fair (CEIE)

Chinese (Beijing) electronic information industry.
China International Electronic Information Expo
June 15, 2015 to 17 days (3 days) China International Exhibition Center
The competent units: the Ministry of industry and information technology
Support unit: a new agency, the Beijing Municipal People's government, CCTV,
Organizers: China Electronics Quality Management Association, Babson Expo Group
Co organizer: China industrial economy of China Electronics Standardization Institute, the Federation
Beijing Information Industry Association, Beijing Embedded System Technology Industry Association
Beijing Electronics Association, Beijing Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Beijing Institute of Electronics
Strategic cooperation: China Electronic exhibition network, China network, promote the good convention, Sen Mei mall
Organizer: Bai Sen (China) Exhibition Co., Ltd.
CEIE introduction
China has become a big country of electronic industry, electronic information industry has become the important pillar industry, but the electronics industry is still in the foundry and labour intensive production and processing stage, has not yet become the electronic information industry of the country, industrial transformation and upgrading, innovation ability need improve. The current. Electronic information industry in China has entered a period of great leap forward development of an important opportunity, the development of the whole industry has ushered in a new stage. To promote the new technology in the Internet of things, cloud computing, electronic industry has entered the era of the interconnection of hitherto unknown, and come with the terminal product of interconnection is the rapid rise in the massive data based cloud concept, there is huge development space for the global enterprise also proposed the development of a new challenge.
Chinese first electric fair political and business leaders -- close to support policy development
Beijing as the center for national policy, a unique geographical advantage. CEIE as Chinese only covers the whole electronic information industry chain of professional electric fair, China Industry Expo International Electronic Information (hereinafter referred to as CEIE) become the promotion of Chinese chance into an important thrust of the global electronic growth. Actively guide through the depth of the industry chain effect and industrial revolution, CEIE not only speed up the popularization and application of innovative technologies and products in emerging markets, great opportunities but also will enlarge and diffusion China market hidden.
CEIE China International Electronic Information Industry Expo has developed over 13 years of innovation, will focus on setting up the capital and industrial innovation, industrial production and consumer demand for personalized communication platform, relying on the cooperative efforts at all levels of government functional departments, the media industry, professional associations, professional research institutions, to the number of intelligent life oriented, to innovation and development as a driving force, low carbon environmental protection as the main line, to the terminal, the content, the user experience for the three core elements to display, media and channel development as the goal, to create international electronic communication platform, to allow consumers to fully experience "Shuzhi Technology innovation life" social media means electronic enterprise consumer demand for tight butt. According to statistics until three days brought 110000 visitors, and has successfully attracted hundreds of media coverage, and exhibitors together to bring consumers a Chinese scale is the largest, most complete products, most electronic visual feast of entertainment, fashion, interactive, experience as one of the.
CEIE consumer electronics platform, has become China's most influential, is China science and technology information of the wind vane, the CEIE integration platform will build a technology product information publishing, interactive, trade cooperation in one, sharing brilliant and we invite you here.
Exposition advantage
Index of professional event China
The support of government, enterprises to actively participate in the
International brand in the global electronics industry gathered in Beijing
China Mobile, Changhong, Samsung, HTC, apple, Hisense Sony support, etc.
A comprehensive presentation on the latest trend of electronic industry
Touch, wearable devices, digital life, wisdom City, cloud computing, LED, automotive electronics, advanced electronic manufacturing
The CEIE scale new heights
Exhibition area of 50000 square meters, the crowds of 110000
The mainstream media
Extension of nearly 100 homes mainstream media interviews, soft article reports 450 articles, the network reproduced nearly more than one hundred thousand.
TV media
CCTV, Beijing TV, Phoenix TV interviews
Promotion plan
Outdoor space invited professional media channels
The 1 act with united strength, with the national hundred famous mainstream print media and network media, put on the hard wide and depth of coverage, and comprehensively improve the popularity of the exhibition CEIE
The main area 2, Beijing, Shanghai, Southern China and the city, put on the large outdoor advertising resource, expand the exhibition attention; Beijing area flag poles, male
Hand, subway, city electronic big screen resources in full swing, to build the brand image of the exhibition.
3, update the CEIE thirteen years of accumulation of hundreds of thousands of pen database, regularly send EDM; the effective professionals, direct mail invitation, free
4, the exhibitors invite its cooperation in downstream enterprises to visit the exhibition.
5, through the associations, partners and professional media, sent out hundreds of thousands of copies of the letter of invitation;
6, the country professional electronics exhibition, electronic stores and other comprehensive placement advertisement, invitation letter
7, CEIE official Sina Weibo, regularly publish exhibition information and new information products manufacturers;
8, open the CEIE APP application and CEIE micro letter account, regularly push the exhibition news, industry news.
China electric Fair Organizing Committee
Address: Beijing City, Haidian District Wanshou Road No. 27 the Ministry authorities zip code: 100123
Contact: Han Xu 18800180338
The exhibition matters: 010-52283471/52283477
Fax: 010-51418337
Project site:
The official micro Bo: China Electric Fair
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