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July 1-3, 2017

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    China International Electronic Information Expo
    2017 7-1-3  • BeiJing •  Beijing International Convention Center
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    China International Electronic Information Expo
    2017 7-1-3  • BeiJing •  Beijing International Convention Center
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Yili Electronics

 Yili Electronics (E-LEAD) was founded in 1983, is one of Taiwan famous automobile electronic leading manufacturers, committed to the development and production of automotive electronics, safety with other products for more than 30 years, and in 2002 officially listed (Taiwan Stock Code: 2497). Long in the automobile industry business, let profit really understand people driving demand, pay more attention to the safety driving people to the automotive industry, and each one million allows only 3-4 a bad number of the stringent quality requirements as the standard, have developed out of the bus with grades of head up display, navigation audio mainframe, tire pressure detector, driving recorder and ring scene display system of safety equipment.

Due to the traffic safety has jumped the driver to the main demand of automobile electronic products, and intelligent mobile phone is driving people to go out the necessary device, but using a mobile phone while driving is very dangerous behavior, other countries also have legislation to restrict the driver in the car use, therefore, how to let the driver to drive a when there is an important message can fast processing, can be safe and intelligent mobile phone interaction, but also can reduce the risk of driving, but also in the back of the vehicle (AM) market sales, so the Yili developed up family - intelligent head up display (English name for the Smart HUD), not only has applied for several national patent, and won the 2014 Best Choice Award definitely.
Yili up family - intelligent head up display any car can be mounted and can and most intelligent mobile compatible
Ke Maoquan director said, profit after four years of efforts, intelligent innovation developed according to the demand of upgrading of head up display - the rise of family intelligent head up display, any car can be installed, which is compatible with iOS and Android system of intelligent mobile phone most, and unlike the Apple CarPlay can only be used on iOS mobile phone the above. Built in cloud service function, the driver just install the App software, can make the head up display, mobile phone communication function together with cloud services.
Smart HUD with three major product design demands to attack the market, including Safe to, Safe "Link" to "Display, Safe" to "Enjoy". In the Safe to "Link", the driver as long as the prior and intelligent mobile phone do Bluetooth pairing, then every time the car does not need to touch the mobile phone, can obtain the relevant information of traffic and life, and can play mobile phone or network music. In order to increase the safety of driving, collocation operation interface knob, not by mobile phone screen can be operated. And all the data are stored in the mobile phone, does not need special to transfer the data to the machine, also need not worry because the car stolen personal data loss caused by machine.
In the Safe to "Display", Smart HUD products body has four inch ultra high brightness color TFT, match with high reflectivity transparent reflecting plate coating coating, make real-time display of vehicle speed and the speed limit, traffic information and other relevant information is projected on a transparent reflecting plate or windshield, and according to the environmental light automatic adjustment brightness, and does not block the driver's line of sight. In this way, the driver looked up when driving, do not need to move the line of sight to see the mobile phone messages, traffic and life information traffic and HUD display at the same time, but also through the base of special design, can be easily installed in any car instrument desk.
In the Safe to "Enjoy" function, Smart HUD have all kinds of cloud APP function, through the intelligent mobile phone in App Store or Google Play download will automatically installed in the Smart HUD, and through the cloud data transfer function, very convenient. Smart HUD of the APP function can be divided into six categories, such as small secretary, life information, entertainment, security, traffic information, community and communication, let the life information, driving safety can also master.
According to the driver needs to upgrade the Smart HUD hardware function and has the car network communication function
Compared with the traditional satellite navigation device, Smart HUD, the biggest feature is the driver needs to upgrade the hardware function can be. For example, buy driving recorder module, in addition to record driving image outside, still can through software updates, providing road offset warning (LDWS) and prevention of the front vehicle collision (FCWS) function; collocation reversing photographic module, you can display the reverse image to let the driver reversing safer. These correlation functions can be displayed on the screen, like the Smart HUD above, reducing the driver's operation complexity.
Ke Maoquan pointed out that Smart HUD is really realized more functional requirements of industry for the vehicle network. A built-in EZ-Talk function, is the only can use the environment in the car community communication software can be in Smart HUD and mobile phone display synchronous chat message content, including voice, text, picture and location, in addition to one to one and one to many chat window, but also can support the vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to multiple dialogue, cell to cell phone. And can be installed using App mode, can let the system integration industry, according to the customer demand to develop communication networking function, realize the car network mobile life situation, and this is the host, with the traditional vehicle for communication machine, satellite navigation device and driving recorder cannot reach the realm of.
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