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    China International Electronic Information Expo
    2017 7-1-3  • BeiJing •  Beijing International Convention Center
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    China International Electronic Information Expo
    2017 7-1-3  • BeiJing •  Beijing International Convention Center
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    China International Electronic Information Expo
    2017 7-1-3  • BeiJing •  Beijing International Convention Center
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 Whether to want to pursue the ultimate overclocking game player, or pay attention to long time operation of the stable overclocking environment users, MSI motherboard can provide the best performance, to meet the different needs of mass every kind of consumption. After access to COMPUTEX Best Choice award Z97 overclocking series motherboard sales, product at the same level compared to the past greatly growth above 30%, then more hit refresh Cinebench R15 overclocking world record of X99S XPOWER AC products.

MSI Product Manager Wang Minquan said that MSI has been trying to provide overclocking overclocking players in the world the most complete product design in product development will be considered to reduce the barrier to entry for novice players. Therefore the design of MSI overclocking motherboard, will adhere to four principles: continuous accepted professional players overclocking suggestions, to keep MSI in energy efficiency and stability of the leading position, developing the best overclocking, into MSI LIGHTNING series display adapter gene.
In the award winning Z97 XPOWER AC products, at the initial stage of development that integrates design, development, marketing, and business units, will also provide the test samples to professional overclocking team assist test, regular meeting to confirm execution and progress direction. Regardless of the name and the selection of the design direction, color box packaging material has been selected to all after a long time of communication, just for the sake of in line with market demand and the development of the core.
MSI Z97 XPOWER AC has listed on the main board has had more than 20 international awards, which won the Best Choice award is certainly in overclocking for MSI products to.
At the same time, Z97 XPOWER AC has the rich characteristics of the product, such as the new generation of OC Essentials, Audio Boost and Intel card, plus designed for overclocking BIOS interface design, let CPU and DDR3 memory overclocking become more simple, there are many rich software tools, let the novice can easily on hand to enjoy the overclocking.
In addition to meet the novice players on the ultimate overclocking players certainly did not reduce the demand, the product in addition to exclusive development OC Engine chipset can easily break through CPU in baseband frequency limit, also provides extreme overclocking tool group is quite convenient, provoking a every nerve conduction overclocking players on the body!
Wang Minquan pointed out that MSI next main push is using high order Intel chip X99 X99S XPOWER AC, in addition to the quality of a continuation of MSI in overclocking series on request, using the fourth generation of military materials, provide the stability of the system the best, then a new generation of Intel HEDT processor performance to play to the extreme.
X99 overclocking motherboard has a new design, let the game player who once again to challenge the world record. Direct USB let users in overclocking when using USB portable disc more convenient. In addition, overclocking series board adopted a backplane design exclusive, with CPU open cover gadget (Delid Die Guard), let the liquid nitrogen overclocking is more convenient and safe. Overclocking engine technology of the new generation (OC Engine) can be fine tuned CPU baseband processor frequency, no reservations will be fully released.
X99 overclocking motherboard with Intel Core i7 5960X processor, a perfect score of 2314 points, 5931.02 MHz, breaking the X99 core processor platform 8 world record, significantly ahead of other competitors on the market 200 MHz.
In addition, the MSI X99S XPOWER AC wPrime 1024m and wPrime more while breaking the 32m world record, more let CPU frequency up to 6354.9 MHz. This represents the full range of MSI X99 motherboard stunning overclocking ability, can in the use and operation of the harsh environment, stable and efficient operation, fully meet the user expectations of high performance computer and workstation.
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