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    China International Electronic Information Expo
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    China International Electronic Information Expo
    2017 7-1-3  • BeiJing •  Beijing International Convention Center
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With larger screen pass an apple iPhone or will be released in 6

 Apple iPhone 5S although the market soon, and have achieved very good sales performance, but the industry still broke the news about a new generation of iPhone 6 news. Recently, according to the analysis report of investment bank Piper Jaffary analyst Gene Munster said Apple submitted, iPhone 6 will be held on next summer release, touch screen and will be equipped with the larger size.

Or ahead of the release of iPhone 6

According to the market analysts said, at the end of the year, the apple iPhone sales will decline, but not like last year iPhone 5 decline so big, the expected iPhone 5S strong sales momentum will last longer.

Even so, Gene Munster still think Apple will in the next summer the launch of iPhone 6, and time to market is expected early in the outside world. Although the analyst did not explain the reason Apple released early 6 iPhone, but that the next generation of iPhone will use the larger screen, and will be the machine "killer mace" function.

Below 5 Inch Touch Screen

However, the apple iPhone 6 will be equipped with a larger display seems to have become the consensus of the industry. According to foreign technology blog BGR earlier statement, apple iPhone 6 would certainly have been upgraded in the screen size, from the industrial chain of Taiwan news said to them, do not display size 6 iPhone more than 5 inches, but must be larger than the current 4 inch.

Prior to this, various news sources have different argument for the iPhone 6's screen size. For example, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek from the industrial chain of Taiwan news, display iPhone 6 will be 4.8 inches. And market research agency DisplaySearch reported that apple iPhone 6 with touch screen size is 4.7 inches. Of course, although in the screen size of mulberry appeared different view, but Apple will be in the next generation of the iPhone using the larger screen seems to have no suspense.

Has already begun testing

Although now we are unable to learn more about iPhone 6 functional details, but according to the micro-blog disclosure news, iPhone 6 has been in Shenzhen Foxconn started testing, and in June of this year, the same message personage disclosed in the micro-blog said, Apple's iPhone6 has been officially approved, will use special metal shell, at the same time frame will be more mellow, equipped with a 4.7 inch screen and above retina, built-in million pixel camera, is expected to release the third quarter of 2014.

Obviously, if Samsung sure ahead of publication GALAXY S5 words, then in has already begun testing iPhone 6, do not rule out the Apple might really be like Gene Munster said ahead of the release of a new generation of iPhone to meet the challenges of competitors.

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